What do I need to get a Library card?
    If you are a Jefferson, Oregon resident, to get a Library card is quite easy. Just bring a piece of current photo ID and something that can verify your address to the Library. People often bring a piece of mail, water bill, rent agreement or even their check book. It has to be your residence address, not your PO box. If you live in what we call "the grey area" where you have an Albany address but live within walking distance of Jefferson you may still be able to get a card. Please contact the Library for questions and details.
I need to print something off, can I do it at the Library?
    The library has 11 public access computers with internet. We charge $0.10 for black and white printing and $0.25 for color printing.
Does the Library accept donations?
    We LOVE book, movie, audiobook, magazine, and music CD donations. You can bring them by any time the Library is open.
Does the Library fax?
    Unfortunately, no.
I can't find the item I want at the Jefferson Library. Now what?
    Most of the time one of the other 17 Libraries within CCRLS has the item you are looking for and it can be put on hold and brought to Jefferson for you to check out free of charge. If you've looked there and still can't find what you are hoping for, talk to your Library staff. Sometimes Jefferson will purchase the item and you will be the first one to check it out. Other times, the Library staff can arrange an Inter-library Loan for items available at Libraries around the world, which can take a week or two but is also free of charge. See library staff for more details on ILL.
Can I volunteer at the Library?
    Volunteers are awesome and we love them. All volunteers over the age of 18 must take and pass a background check through the city. Help is most needed during the summer for our Summer Reading Program and throughout the year with tasks such as cleaning, book processing and helping with events.
When is your next book sale?
    There is never a set day each year the Library has a book sale. Just keep an eye and an ear out, there will be plenty of notice for when the next one is coming. If you need something now, though, check out the Jefferson Public Library mini book store located near the newspapers at the back of the Library. This book shelf is packed with all sorts of books being offed for $0.25 each or 5 for $1.00. All proceeds go to the Friends of the Library.
Can my kid be at the Library alone?
    All children under age 10 must have a responsible individual age 12 years or older remain with them during the visit. This is in compliance with Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 163.545.
Are you hiring?
    The Library is hiring now! Apply today for the part-time Library Assistant position. The application is attached to the bottom of this page or can be found on the City's website.
Dillon Peck,
Jan 20, 2021, 10:12 AM