Kid's Craft
Bring the kids for some arts and crafts time at the Library. Saturday, April 14th any time from 10am-4pm

Book Sale
Stop by during the Festival of Flowers for our book sale kick off.
Book sale will start Saturday, May 5th and go to May 12th.

Kid's Craft
Saturday, May 12th will be our last Kid's Craft until the end of summer, so don't miss out. Stop by any time from 10am-4pm.

Usborne Book Party
Got some fines to pay off? This is a great way. Buy a book for the Library through this party and we will double the amount when we remove your fines. So, if a book costs $10 we'll take $20 off your fines.
Additionally, Usborne is a great book company for kids and teens and this is an ideal opportunity to pick up books and gifts to keep your kids, grandkids, nieces/nephews, and neighbor's kids reading all summer long.

Closed for cleaning
Wednesday, May 23rd. Summer is fast approaching and we need a day to scrub the Library and get our ducks in a row.

Ongoing events

After School Space!
    Open Tue-Thurs after school until closing (6 pm). The After School Space offers crafts, games, snacks, and a great place to study and do homework.

Summer Reading Program
    Get the kids reading and learning all summer long! The Jefferson Public Library's Summer Reading Program includes prizes for reading, scavenger hunts, performers of all types, crafts events, and story time. The Reading Program starts after school gets out for the summer and goes to the end of July.
    Teens and adults also get rewarded for reading throughout the summer. All it takes is turning in reading for a chance to win a prize.

After School Space

A space to play and have fun

or get some homework done